From a very young age, Alexis Elizabeth has always had an infatuation with hair styling and care.  After being introduced to hair extensions in her early teens, she began her search to find healthy and natural looking ways to apply them.  She started making wigs in her late teens and the wigs became popular amongst family and friends, but it wasn't until early 2009 when Alexis stumbled on lace wigs did her wig making jump to the next level.  Alexis has been making lace wigs now since 2010. 

In 2013 when Alexis started offering online wig making training, she refocused her passion to educating and training.  She has been very successful in training her students and the call for more classes has grown.  The1HairCoach Academy was created to answer the call from students who want to learn the art of wig making for personal use to industry professionals looking to enhance their businesses. The1HairCoach Academy continues to teach, mentor, and share her extensive knowledge on a regular basis.

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